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About Us

A key element of our role at CVP is to build the capacity of and support community and voluntary organisations. In order to do this we work with our members to:

  • provide an advice and support service on financial, legal, constitutional, governance and HR issues. We aim to deliver a tailored service to support the needs of all groups within the District.
  • provide access to a comprehensive library on a range of issues relevant to community and voluntary organisations.
  • deliver training events and workshops on issues identified by local community and voluntary organisations
  • support increased collaboration amongst groups in both applying for funding and service delivery.

Once you become a member of CVP we can offer you advice and guidance on a wide range of issues. To become a member of CVP please contact cvpadmin@bolsovercvp.org.uk

Vision, Mission and Values


CVP’s vision is of empowered local people and community and voluntary organisations that have real influence over policy, planning, service development and delivery through genuine partnership working.


To challenge and address poverty, deprivation and social exclusion through empowering local people to engage effectively in voluntary and community activity in order to create, support & develop sustainable, strong and vibrant communities.

To create, support, develop & facilitate a strong and effective community voice which can influence the policy, strategic planning, service development & delivery processes – locally, regionally and nationally.


Partnership Working

  • promoting ownership, accountability and respect for each other
  • ensuring inclusivity and opportunities for engagement
  • empowering & enabling local people, community groups and voluntary organisations to engage


Social Justice

  • respecting and valuing diversity and difference
  • promoting equality
  • addressing power imbalances between individuals, within groups and society
  • challenging inappropriate and oppressive behaviour in ourselves and others


Being a Learning Organisation

  • monitoring, evaluating and reflecting on our practice
  • being honest and open to challenge and change
  • proactive in meeting new and emerging needs
  • being prepared to take risks and learn from our mistakes


Core Strategic Aims, Objectives, Targets & Outcomes

  • Ensure that local needs and issues are identified and addressed through community and voluntary action & through partnership working
  • Ensure a strong, effective and influential community voice at strategic, policy, planning and service delivery levels
  • Ensure that CVP is a well-managed, independent, accessible and accountable organisation

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